Friday, September 16, 2005


Yellow Rose from Majorca

Yellow Rose from Majorca Posted by Picasa

It was fotographed in october 1987

And now I have forgotten if this
Rose has already been used in any 'Blogger' I am learning to compose.

What I discovered is why these letters are chosen. Nobody really knows where the word 'log' comes from. The difficult and often still more speculative science called 'etymology' should cover this feld.

It is quite simple:

B is for Barcelona in Spain

L is for Leeuwarden in Friesland/The Netherlands

O is for Oldenburg in Germany

G is voor Götenborg in Sweden

G is voor Groenland near the Sea

E is for España in Europe

R is for the Rotten lies you just read.

Have a nice day ! By the way: it is freezing cold where I am writing now.



'The Anti ICT-Movement'

founded in Spain

is doing






recently !

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