Wednesday, September 21, 2005


A Yellow Rose from the Island of Majorca

Fall / Autumn 2005

Dear reader,

Maybe a 'blog' should be based on all senses human beings can experience.
So I start with a picture made many years ago on the Island of Majorca.
This 'Yellow Rose of Majorca' was there waiting to be eternalized in october 1987...

As the color yellow is a color of love in Latin countries (I live in Spain but Catalonia would be more correct now) it might be a good idea to start my blogs - whatever they will become - with a Chopin-rose from Vallehermosa where Frédéric composed some of his most impressive works and his companion George Sand started the writing of her quite readable novel 'Un hiver a Majorque'

Kindest regards


That brought back memories.

In fact, you might like my novel.
Dear Graham,

Thanks for your comment. I do hope your memories are nice ones. 'Time is a relative concept', I know, but my table of lecture is overloaded really

I bookmark your page and wish you a lot of success and inspiration

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