Friday, September 16, 2005


Snails and garlick-sauce

The Baix EmpordĂ  is one of Europe's most fascinating areas.
It is situated in the North-East of the Peninsula Iberica
in the (almost) Federal State of Catalonia. It forms part of
the Province of Girona.

My wife didn't feel like cooking today as we are having a brilliant Indian Summer.
So we decided to have a meal in the village of Sant Feliu de Boada. There we found
a cosy corner-table inside an old 'Masia' that recently changed into a Restaurant.

The fine name is Can Dolç, meaning 'Sweet House'

The best snails in this part of Catalonia are found there for an incredible price.
Tasty garlick-sauce (all-i-oli) is good for your heart and especially for a balanced
cholesterol in your blood.

I am still enjoying the memories of this fine meal with wine of the house for a
price that no one would believe.

Well, it's time to hit the sack !

See you !


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