Thursday, September 15, 2005


Images / Photographs

Dear reader,

Maybe a 'blog' should be based on all senses human beings can experience.
So I include a photograph I made many years ago on the Island of Majorca.
This 'Yellow Rose of Majorca' was waiting to be eternalized. As the color
- or colour if you prefer - yellow is a colour of love in Latin countries
- I live in Spain although Catalonia would be more correct - it might be a
good to restart my blogs - whatever they might become - with a Chopin-rose
from Vallehermosa where Frederic composed some of his most impressive works.

Kindest regards



You know, garlick sauce (all-i-oli) is one of the most delicious sauces
ever invented. I will write about some more. You cannot live in Spain
without it!

P.S. 2

I am finding out how to get this rose in the text !

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