Sunday, September 18, 2005


A cute Campanilla outside the garden.

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Last week we asked a neighbour to clean and reorganize our garden.
He was a professional gardener and is retired now. The way in which
he handled tools - including his own body - was absolutelutely amazing.

As I myself belong to the 'Club of Rotten Spines' for years already,
I kept on being flabbergasted by the way in which this older man from
Andalusia managed to do things. In three hours he did what would have
cost us at least three days... and three days of not being able to move.

We asked him please not to touch the 'Campanillas' who grow outside
our garden although we planted them inside. He kept to his promise
and I am glad to send you at the end of this weekend an old photo of
this small Miracle of Nature.

Keep strong tomorrow morning and don't get angry !



By the way: did you already post your letter
to the notorious but very popular
'Anti ICT-Movement'
in beautiful Spain ?

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