Wednesday, September 14, 2005


A bit too early...

Dear reader,

This was the first time I wrote something in a 'blog'.
As I could not find the word 'blog' in any of the good dictionaries I have, I used
(you won't believe it) Google and found its Blogger-site. It is a practical writing-pad but has some technical start-up problems.

With these lines I started, bright-eyed and bushy tailed but far from ready to write anything proper. This photograph is made in December 2003. The location is 'El Molinet in Estartit on the Catalan 'Costa Brava'. We had an incredible beautiful sea-storm: 'un temporal de mar' in proper Catalan.

This has become my screen-saver as I like the rough sounds and the fine sights of the Mediterranean Sea, the 'old sea' as people in our global village call it nowadays.

See you later or read you before...

Kindest regards !


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